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erik82 wrote: Doesn't it help to keep the portafilter out for like 30s for the puck to fully dry up? A "wet" puck most of the times will be much harder to get out then when it's a bit more dry.
I thought that too, but in practice I find blowing the puck out (with Kafatek's Mr Puff) works best just after pulling the shot. Using a bellows like Mr Puff makes puck removal a doddle.


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I haven't used it so whatever I'm saying is just speculation. I'm reading a lot of people talking about what a pain in the butt it is to remove. How they have to put in significantly extra work to remove the puck whether that involves more frequent or forceful thrusts into a knock box, using bellows, manually scrapping it out. If it's really not a big deal, great. But if I can't easily knock the puck out and I'm not spending extra time cleaning this out because it has straight walls, that seems like a design flaw in a $400 portafilter to me. For me I think of that depending on how much of a pain in the butt the issue is. If what i'm reading isnt that accurate and its really not that back to get out then its no biggie, like the extra stuck bean in the monolith.

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I've used this for a while now. I don't recognise the issue with knocking the puck out. I'm using Cafelat paper, Bravo leveller, Bravo tamp, put in the mesh screen, and pull shot. Invert Unifilter on the drip tray to drop the mesh screen. A good whack on the knock box and out it comes. Maybe 5% of the time a tiny about of grinds left on the side, brushes off in two seconds.

I prefer the coffee from Unifilter. I have gone back to the traditional portafilter to check my memory. I'm clear about which is best.

In this period, I also bought the Weber Spring Clean. Love it. It works, and it's a great design.

There seems to be a tendency to pick holes in Weber stuff. It's premium priced, no doubt. But it always takes a novel approach to things, and the design and construction are great. I own the Key grinder, Unifilter, Spring Clean, and bean cellars. I love them all. If I post this on a UK forum, someone will pop up and say "a fool and his money are easily parted". My money, my choice and I love - in a few parts of my life - great design and don't mind paying.


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Seems promising! Thanks for the detailed write-up.