Weber Moonraker?

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Just saw this.
Been something I thought was missing on most WDT tools that are somewhat automatic. I do remember seeing something similar from barista hustle side of it in development. Wonder whatever happened to that one as this one is... bit too pricey to be honest.
I see the spring point is setup such that pin won't bend as easily but wonder what happens when it does...
What are the thoughts?
(and anyone have info on whatever is going on on Barista Hustle side of it... I think it was used in WBC)

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bored117 wrote: bit too pricey to be honest.
Then wait a little and you may see a similar product on Aliexpress for much lower price.


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150% a Weber product for sure. Definitely pretty and luxurious. (And to be a true Weber product like my Key grinder, maybe the gears will seize/stall depending on the grounds coarseness). My wrist already does perfectly spirographic movements too, thanks goodness. Plus some good old fashioned randomization to keep the coffee grounds guessing.
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Capuchin Monk wrote:Then wait a little and you may see a similar product on Aliexpress for much lower price.
Bespoke Box will start sending Moonrakers after the novelty wears off.


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That price is actually hilarious, but at least it looks pretty


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You can't appreciate the finer things :P . . . actually I made mine with a cork from some booze and some printer nozzle cleaner needles. Employing Frenchman's random wrist technique I've saved hundreds and no channeling spritzing the counter since. I was thinking of calling it Don Julio b/c I think that is where the cork came from but henceforth I shall call mine 'From Mexico with Love' or perhaps 'Austin Powers.'

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Made mine with accupunture needles I got on amazon and a champagne cork. Works great. Have lots of needles left.
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It looks like it will do a better job than the Duomo I use daily. Not sure if I'll notice a taste difference It's certainly a beautiful looking tool and I'll be checking it out tomorrow at the SCA show.
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Actually, there is a guy on Etsy who has been making an affordable version of this for a while. He is on version 3 now. ... stribution

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Actually, there are guys on this forum talking about it for a while. Rotating WDT tool :idea: