Water supply for Slayer Steam LPX

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Good day,

I am looking for advice on how to ensure a constant water supply pressure for pre and post-infusion when running a Slayer Steam LPx from a 5-gallon water bottle system. The system has a Flowjet water pump as well as a Flowjet accumulator, however, it still runs out of pressure resulting in the pre-infusion gauge dropping when making two shots at the same time with pre-infusion of more than 8 seconds each. The pressure drops even more subsequently during a post-infusion. The obvious thought to resolve it is a larger accumulator, but I wanted to see if there is any advice out there before I make the investment.

How do they run the machines at the World Barista Championships? I believe they are also running from water bottle systems, does anyone know what system they use to ensure a constant water pressure supply?