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#21: Post by edwa »

I just read on another thread that you live in an apartment. The plot thickens.

Have you checked your water hardness? If you want your machine to last you need to address that issue if you don't already have a softening system online.

Another issue would be how much pressure do you lose when others in the building are running water? What will happen if your machine is trying to refill its boiler and someone closer to the water main takes a shower? I don't suppose you've got a backflow preventer?

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#22: Post by maximatica »

I am installing a 5 stage RO filter system and plan to tap off its output to either run direct to the vibe pump on my Isomac or to run it into the pour over reservoir. Based on this thread it seems the reservoir route will save me some grief with water pressure issues but I thought I would need to add a float valve of some sort on the reservoir. I thought I had seen a "howto" on adding a float valve but cannot find it.

Anyone have any advice/tips on my task?

And for those who think RO water is not the way to go, I have already done the taste tests with my faucet water vs. my current Multi-pure filter water vs. the RO water and the RO is a much better taste which must/will transfer into the coffee quality.

I have been buying the RO water at Whole Foods for about 18 months and am tired of the hassle. The cooling flush on a E-61 really goes through water.

Thanks for any tips/advice.


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#23: Post by erics »

Personally I would think that's the very best way to go with a vibe pump and even with a rotary if the installation can be reasonably accomplished.

I recall Chris Coffee selling a float valve "kit" for doing exactly what you plan. In any event, I would still install a pressure regulator and a shut-off valve in the 1/4" feed line to the reservoir and set it at whatever the kit mfg recommends or, say 10 psi. You might be amazed as to how much water can flow through a 1/4" line at low pressures and obviously is something that is pretty easy to test.

Leaky float valves at 60-75 psi line pressure might put you and the Isomac in the dog house.

Eric S.

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#24: Post by HB »

maximatica wrote:I thought I had seen a "howto" on adding a float valve but cannot find it.
See Quit Filling that Water Tank! and Converting a pourover espresso machine to direct connect (grabbed from this forum's FAQs and Favorites).
Dan Kehn

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#25: Post by maximatica replying to HB »

Hi Dan,

Thanks, that's exactly what I needed.

For any other HB readers,

I'll just point out here that this is an excellent value in a water filtration system

http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.as ... rowse=&s=1

Their sale on it runs until the 30th of November and then it goes back up $30 which will still be a great deal on a 5 stage system.

If you're a Costco member and don't have a filter system it's a no-brainer. Filtered water also eliminates the need for descaling.



#26: Post by dorkboy »

Ok, this is what I have done today. I busted my butt trying to find a regulator. I found one, Watts 25AUB-Z3. It cost me $50 with adaptors. I have installed it, I have my psi gauge AFTER the Watts and it now reads 29 psi and the gauge on the Vetrano reads 1.9ish Bar. I readjusted the rotary pump with my blank installed to be about 8.9 Bar.

Give me one sec, I am going to pull a shot right now......

Well everything seemed to be alright. I am of course no pro!

I am going to order the regulator from Chris Coffee if I can't find it here in town.

Now please let me know anything/everything!!

Thanks for everything,


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#27: Post by HB »

dorkboy wrote:I found one, Watts 25AUB-Z3... Now please let me know anything/everything!!
You're good to go. That's a very heavy duty pressure regulator and it should last many years.
Dan Kehn

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#28: Post by cannonfodder »

I used a slightly smaller Watts regulator and it works just fine. I did have one of the smaller regulators that Chris sells and it worked just fine on my ¼ inch line but when I ran a ½ inch for the two group it could no longer hold back the pressure. Keep in mind I have 90psi mains.

When I installed my float valve, I very slowly opened the regulator until I barely had a trickle. That float will not hold many psi.
Dave Stephens