Water not coming through the portafilter of my Fracino Cherub

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Postby febdon » Feb 11, 2019, 6:46 am


I have an old ish Fracino Cherub. The machine was given to me because it was not working. It was not building up any pressure so I replaced the pump which resolved that. However water is still not coming through the porta, with or without the filter. When I turn on the switch that should allow the water to come through the pump kicks in but no water comes out. I have taken all the pipes off and checked for blockages, also cleaned them. They are all clear. I have replaced the 3 three way solenoid as I thought that was something to do with allowing water out, but nothing changed. I am not an engineer, this is just a hobbie. I would like some expert advice of what to do next before I just start buying replacement parts willy nilly again.

Thanks in advance