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I just saw this video posted earlier this morning. Nothing came up in searches for "wafo" here so far.

These baskets seem interesting but very pricy if they end up selling for $200 USD at launch but they could end up lasting forever.

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#2: Post by bonjing »

Dang, $200 :shock: I was hoping with the few companies that are coming with these that the price would really drop.

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#3: Post by Spitz.me »


It's really difficult for me to reconcile someone who's constantly looking at the spent puck for clues to improve coffee when - now for years - the puckology science is polarizing in that you'll usually see comments about how useless it is to dissect your puck to troubleshoot taste.

This guy gets into so much more so you can ignore it completely and still be curious about how much better these baskets can make your coffee.

What has me curious is that his gear shows that he's technically at a diminishing returns level when considering improvements, but he's like, "Dudes, get this basket to obviously make your espresso better. It's so obvious, it's objective - look at the charts!"

This definitely breeds FOMO... lol
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#4: Post by malling »

barNone wrote:I just saw this video posted earlier this morning. Nothing came up in searches for "wafo" here so far.

These baskets seem interesting but very pricy if they end up selling for $200 USD at launch but they could end up lasting forever.

That was a lot of puckology, probably more then I generally handle...

But if I try looking away from that it seems interesting and in some way very similar to the idea of Webers Unifilter just with almost twice as many holes and half the price.

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barNone (original poster)
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I couldn't remember the company who made the portafilter with the integrated basket until you mentioned Weber.

I didn't read too much into the whole puckology sections of the video either but I did find it interesting that the different hole patterns in their 4 models have a noticable effect on the taste of the espresso, at least between the 2 baskets that were tested in the video.

I'd like to see more reviews first, especially comparisons to conventional baskets.

And I know this is more of a newbie question by why did the reviewer keep talking about being able to grind finer as if it was always a good thing (for single origins)?

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#6: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

Grinding finer in general allows you to extract more and get higher EY. Higher EY may not always lead to better tasting coffee, so a fine balance.

The problem with grinding finer when using today's baskets without a bottom filter is the ability to extract evenly. Even with paper filters on the bottom, you still have issues with not being able to extract evenly. If this basket design works and has edge to edge holes, then your extraction could be more even.

I'd be interested in seeing how much sworksdesign baskets are and the future weber baskets. I think it is cool that some other companies are trying to do some new things in this space.

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#7: Post by BaristaBob »

I'm glad that Brian mentioned up front his paid relationship with WAFO. I'm inclined to only trust half of what he was pushing. I have no experience with filter paper on the bottom of conventional baskets, but when he said you could do away with using a top screen, he should know better. Even those of us that read HB know that the use of a top screen is mostly for group head cleanliness and basically has little to no effect on EY or evenness of flow.
I'm looking forward to other reviews from James Hoffmann, Sprometheus, Lance Hedrick, and others (like our own HB Team of espresso experts). I do agree this appears to be the next great exciting development for us home baristas!!
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#8: Post by Jonk »

Just because some puckology is frowned upon doesn't mean the whole concept should get a bad rap. Discussing dark spots is getting quite popular, one example: https://coffeeadastra.com/2022/07/16/mo ... tractions/

It was one of those things I often wondered about before the recent ideas, and very much something I've tried to avoid for years - not understanding why it seemed to occur in worse tasting shots.

The WAFO filters looks nice. So expensive though, better try using paper filters in a regular basket first. I'm not so sure I like it coupled with a 'unimodal' style grind FWIW. For someone using say a Niche, wanting to push extraction and grind really fine, this could actually be a convenient, cost effective option.. While still retaining the ability to get nice results with dark roasts, perhaps in a regular basket.

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$200 :shock: ?!! Does it contain blockchain technology :roll:

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#10: Post by HB »

I'll give him credit for disclosing right up from that he's a paid promoter:
Brian Quan wrote:...let me disclose my relationship with WAFO. I'm currently doing some consulting work for them basically helping them with marketing and global launch strategy.
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