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#31: Post by micksquires »

The Weber version for anyone interested. I took this photo at MICE in September. I think from what I can recall, Doug said early next year.

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#32: Post by malling replying to micksquires »

That's positive however with shipping and once EU custom, custom clearance and VAT kicks in it probably cost the same to what WAFO will cost in Europe :lol: , I understand the plan is that WAFO will be sold in Europe, shipping from US is mind blowing expensive currently.

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#33: Post by yakster »

Weber plans to be shipping from Hamburg by the end of the year, that may help.

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#34: Post by Brien »

Wonder if WW will price under $200 though. Cheap and Weber aren't really synonymous.

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#35: Post by Ypuh »

I don't understand why they would bring out 4 baskets at once. It's unreasonable to expect some can test them before buying, instead of making a choice just based on words.

The potential hurt of making a $200 bad choice far outweighs the ~5% gained in taste.
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#36: Post by malling »

That sounds positive as my biggest gripe has always been shipping equipment over especially as we tend to be extremely penalised by it.

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#37: Post by RTOBarista »

I have a Weber Unifilter and it is similar to a Wafo and I like it. I have seen video for espresso on line and can see the the bottom of the basket flex

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#38: Post by martuney »

malling wrote:Compared to unifilter this can actually be used with existing PF, so will work with all 58mm machines, if it breaks it's not a new PF, for me I honestly think it's a better idea.

I'll probably get one when it hopefully hit Europe sometime down the road.
I saw some photos of an acquaintance of mine that managed to purchase the WAFO baskets and the puck is tapered top to bottom, so they aren't straight sided as is the Unifilter; whether that is significant remains to be seen!

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#39: Post by p4lxrich »

im hoping unifilter baskets will be under $200 as well. if not, i'll have a hard time justifying it.

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#40: Post by cmarker »

The Weber Basket is now available at $170.
https://weberworkshops.com/products/uni ... s=e&_v=1.0