Vibration pump vacuum?

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Hi everyone,

Awake? I'm a "first time caller". Have read the threads many times but just registered today.

I have a question...I recently installed a new (working) vibration pump into my old Promac Club (I am guessing it is a 90's model, can't really find any info about the year of production but it looks older from style and its all-metal construction! It is hard wired into the water line.) So, I am frustrated cuz the pump doesn't put out any water. Checked all the connections, water flows to pump but nothing comes out when I try to make a shot. I am assuming a vacuum occurred after installing the new pump. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also an aside: can any/some/most machines with a vibration pump be retro-fitted with a rotary pump?)

Thanks in advance.


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Edit: I'm a little puzzled as I think you're plumbed in and the pump would already have line pressure on it. Does water flow through the pump with it off? Is there a solenoid valve between the supply fitting and the pump?


Typical Ulka-style vibe pumps can be a bear to prime. I've had to use a squeeze bottle to supply inlet pressure to get them going. They're sensitive to heat, so I wouldn't try more than 10-20 seconds at a time before giving it a minute or two to chill down.

Searching "prime Ulka" here shows several threads with ideas of how to apply a little pressure to get them going.