VBM Domobar Super HX

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Hi everyone,
I recently got this machine VBM Domobar Super HX (rotary pump). Does anyone have experience with it? Any tips and tricks on usage and maintenance are welcome! Overall, it is a great machine, I have been using it over a month with Eureka Mignon Specialita and a TP-Link Tapo smart plug.
Thank you!

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I don't have your machine, have a different HX machine.

If its your first HX, then temperature control and the cooling flush are critical.
I never figured out the water dance, I have a thermometer to read my grouphead temp.
I bought the parts from erics here, but that was many, many years ago, but following link might be helpful.

E61 thermowell components for "erics" thermometer?

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Espressive wrote:I recently got this machine VBM Domobar Super HX
A bit of sleuthing here will answer any questions

Start with Vibiemme Domobar Super Espresso Machine Review
Other than the pump, it's essentially the same