VA 358 White Eagle Pre-Infusion Settings

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Hi, I am having a hard time finding any information online about these settings. There is a Time ON in seconds and a Time OFF in seconds. I read on this forum that the time on is how many seconds the pump will turn on to saturate the espresso in the portafilter. The Time off is for how long the pump turns off for the pre-infusion to work. Then the full 9 bars would hit it for the remainder of the shot. So 2 seconds on for the wetting, then 7 seconds off to pre-infuse, and then it goes as normal until the shot stops or the cc's of water are done from the volumetric settings. Does anyone know if I am correct? Also, when I run the shot without pre-infusion, just straight away, I hit my brew ratio and recipe at about 25 - 28 seconds total shot time. When I use the pre-infusion settings of 2 and 7 seconds, I just get a slow stream of extracted espresso for 12 seconds and then the shot stops with very little espresso extracted. Is it possible that I need a finer grind for pre-infusion? Is it also possible that I need to add additional cc's of water to the volumetric settings to adjust for the pre-infusion? Thanks for your help!

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Have you tried contacting the machine's vendor for guidance?
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Muddy (original poster)

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Thanks for the reply! I have reached out to Nuova Simonelli & Victoria Arduino and I am waiting for a reply. The vendor where I bought it was not familiar with this as it's a fairly new feature. I found some great info on this forum and thought I would shoot it out there. It is so hard to find any info on soft-infusion for NS or VA machines. I have been very impatient waiting to here back form NS as I have this cool feature and I can't figure it out! I know it's a tough question. Thanks.