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Weird problem
I accidentally bought 8 ounces of preground lavazza
I have an Olympia Cremina machine
The coffee looks like powder but when I pull shots the water flows out of the group head
It is as if the coffee is ground too course even tho it looks like powder
Can anyone explain this?
How can it look like it is finely ground but not pull shots correctly


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Pre-ground coffee stales faster and stale coffee won't provide the resistance for a good shot.

I accidentally picked up some pre-ground coffee and had to buy a pressurized basket for my Robot to get anything good out of it. I don't know if there are pressurized baskets that'll fit your Cremina, though, so you may just have to find another use for the coffee.

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Good to know. Was driving me insane
I'll use it for Melitta pour over