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Haha yeah, induction is definitely better for ranges. What I don't know is how much better induction is compared to resistive heating when the heating element is attached with thermal glue or embedded in the thing it is trying to heat.


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bostonbuzz wrote:$5k euro for a flow, pressure, temperature profiling commercial machine!? Wow. It's going to find its way into people's homes. If it had a built in scale then that would be just about everything you could want. I agree the looks are almost there but not quite. I like how the screen is angled down so it's not in your face too much.
Apparently it doesnt steam, its another 5k for that?


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NewCoffeeGuy1 wrote:I wouldn't put it past some people on HB to accommodate this :) Heck I have several friends who do this for their kegerators!

BTW I found it interesting that it can accommodate multiple milks. Kind of like a fountain tap at a bar I suppose.
They said two I think with this module.

They'll make another that would work with a steam wand for setting that need to foam more.

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Haha, you're right! Another machine for steam, or dispensing perfect foam. Guess that makes it commercial only.
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A speciality coffee roaster and reseller where I live have it under way... the €5000 quote was exclusive VAT, so for home users it's actually more like €6000 in europe


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bostonbuzz wrote:Haha, you're right! Another machine for steam, or dispensing perfect foam. Guess that makes it commercial only.
Why would the modularity make it commercial only?
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I appreciate the innovation.


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Graymatters wrote:Why would the modularity make it commercial only?
I think poster refers to the current milk module, there will be another module more geared to fit in a home with a classic wand.

Also the seize of this thing would be a good reason why this is commercial not as much a home friendly machine with two modules it's like a width of a two group machine


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Sure, but there's a difference between home-friendly and commercial only and, FWIW, he did specifically mention the steam module (which is supposed to be half the width of the milk module).

Anywho, I get that size is a factor for a lot of people, but there are already people out there with larger machines in their home, which is evidence that the size isn't a non-starter for many of those that are willing and able to spend beaucoup bucks on an espresso machine.
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Is there even such a thing as "commercial only"? Someone with the means and space in their home will probably be able to install anything they want. The point is fair though that once you start talking more than maybe 16" of counter space and specialized installs with refrigerators under counter it shoots out of the realm of most home users.