"Turpresso"? Turkish coffee with an espresso machine.

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Has anyone tried emulating Turkish coffee using an espresso machine?

Crazy-fine grind / low pressure / low flow rate / 3-4 minute 'pull' time, followed by psychotherapy to understand why one would even want to do this.
I'm gonna skip the psychotherapy (lost cause) and experiment - interested in 'been-there-done-that-this-worked' advice. This should be easy-peasy for the DE1 community - is there already a recipe being shared?

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#2: Post by TomC »

I've done this before, with various coffees and roast levels. The results are typically very bitter from overextraction.
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GDM528 (original poster)

#3: Post by GDM528 (original poster) » replying to TomC »

Understood and accepted Re: bitterness. I bet that's why there's a 4-level nomenclature for adding sweeteners ;)

Does lighter roast = less bitter still apply in this scenario?

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#4: Post by TomC »

I'm far from an expert on it. But even light roasted coffee has inherent bitterness when you basically extract anything soluble. I think it can be tweaked and played with to get something more balanced, but I haven't pursued it in depth.
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#5: Post by Jonk »

GDM528 wrote:Does lighter roast = less bitter
At least for regular turkish coffee, but fairly dark roasts won't taste very bitter either when brewed like this:
If you wan't to emulate it - one idea could be a pre-infusion of a couple of minutes and then low pressure but fast flow. Perhaps by seriously underdosing a VST (or similar) basket. I wonder if it's possible to get to 1:9-11 in a reasonable amount of time though, maybe some dilution with water would help.

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#6: Post by cafeIKE »

GDM528 wrote:3-4 minute 'pull' time
Too long w a vibe pump... :?:


#7: Post by cmin »

GDM528 wrote:Understood and accepted Re: bitterness. I bet that's why there's a 4-level nomenclature for adding sweeteners ;)

Does lighter roast = less bitter still apply in this scenario?
I've done light roast beyond a normal Slayer style pull/time frame, and they are almost always bitter as hell at that point. I can't imagine 3-4 min extraction not being bitter no matter what at Turkish grind.


#8: Post by Pressino »

Not sure why anyone would prefer the espresso machine extracted stuff to the really tasty traditionally brewed Turkish. I've "accidentally" brewed some by using too finely ground coffee in my machines and waiting several minutes for the dreck to drop into the cup.

GDM528 (original poster)

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I'm going in! - Round 1:

Loosely followed Jonk's recommendations: 10g of med-light roast in, extracted 10:1 for 3 minutes.

Trying to grind to Turkish standards was a choke show for my DF64. No can do. Best I could achieve was a grind setting that would completely stall my 9bar espresso pump under more sane usage. FWIW Turkish grind isn't designed to allow water to flow through it, so I was expecting some compromise here - just a little disappointed with my grinder. Took about 40g of flailing to get 10g of fine grind - added 'bin-shot' to my vocabulary to describe when I can't even make to a sink-shot.

Started preinfusion and continuously modulated pressure/flow to get 10g in to 100g out in 3 three minutes. Puck didn't put up nearly as much resistance as I expected so I'll try tamping harder next time. Shot started blonding after the first minute, so going for another 2 minutes after that was pretty traumatizing. I may reconsider psychotherapy after this.

Resulting beverage was... pretty decent. Not bad actually, vaguely like a pour-over. Hella-bitter? Nope. I used beans that aren't trans-dimensional portals to a universe of bitter - they only have so much to give, and I diluted it like crazy. Didn't need sweetener and adding a bit of honey didn't improve it at all.

Did it taste like a Turkish coffee? Nope, not even. To be fair, it would have to be preceded with a lovingly prepared Makaronia me Kima to trigger my memory neurons.

Still got some more beans to spend on this, open to suggestions. Some things I'm thinking about trying next:

1) Feed the beans gradually into my grinder to reduce choking.
2) Lower the ratio to kick up the bitterness.
3) Dump the spent puck into my cup (yeah, really) to get that authentic gritty mouthfeel.

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#10: Post by Chert »

You need a 150 ml blind basket in a group that can heat gradually from 80C to 93.

20 grams finel ground coffee. (1-2 tsp sugar too)

active 1 mL sec flow, group heat profiling, hold at 2 bar pressure

Pause and depressurize basket at 2 minutes - pour off 1/2 slurry into cup.

Replace into machine and resume heat for last minute, depressurize, then pour a little more slurry into cup.

something like that.
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