Turn your espresso machine into a controllable smart device with app/Alexa/Google.

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This hack should work with any espresso machine that has a manual flick-up-and-down or spring loaded power switch.

I have a Rancilio Pro X. Although it has a built-in timer to turn on the device it is not flexible enough for my needs. For about 10 dollars you can buy a wifi controlled smart power plug that enables you to turn on and off the espresso machine via voice or app control. Your machine needs to be in reach of your wifi network, and if you want voice control, you'll need Alexa or Google home etc. Leave the power switch in ON mode and the smart plug will manage the power fed to your machine. I had this for a two months now and it works a treat.

This is handy for preheating the coffee machine even before getting out of bed. I pass the voice command "Alexa, turn on the coffee" ("Coffee" is what I named the smart plug) and it turns on, the machine is then fully warmed up by the time I want to brew. It can also turn off the machine at a set time every day in case you forget to turn off the machine after brewing (which I did too often). In addition, the app works remotely over 4G so you can have a fully warmed up machine by the time you get home. You can also programme individual day schedules or "away" modes, although that will depend on what options the app offers.

My smart plug is the TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug P100, readily available on amazon etc. There are many other brands available that will do the same but I can not testify the functionality of those.

I hope some may find this helpful :-)

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We've been using a Wemo for years now that does virtually the same without voice commands. Works great!
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Just check your machine Wattage requirements and buy the appropriate plug.

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If you don't like Amazon or Google listening in on you and don't trust the TP-Link app on your phone, these "Kasa" devices were reverse engineered many years ago and are supported by pyHS100 (pip install available), https://github.com/GadgetReactor/pyHS100

It appears that there is a maintainer fork at https://pypi.org/project/python-kasa/ which I have not used (yet).

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I have been using Z-wave with a hubitat hub. There are plenty of Z-wave plugs of various types.
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laupetre wrote:Just check your machine Wattage requirements and buy the appropriate plug.
It's really the amperage you need to check. The vast majority of wifi or bluetooth plugs are rated for 10A, which is roughly 1100W-1200W at 110VAC-120VAC. That's marginal for an espresso machine, especially a dual boiler, which is likely to require a 15A circuit, minimum.

My GS/3 can operate at 15A in "HALF" heating mode or 20A in "FULL" heating mode. In HALF, it heats the boilers alternately. In FULL, it heats them at the same time. It works a lot better in FULL mode. At the time I was looking for a 20A wifi plug or outlet, the only one I could find is a 20A wall outlet made by ConnectSense. It worked well for about 10 months, then died completely. ConnectSense customer service was great, though, and they promptly replaced the unit under the 1-year warranty. It's been working well since.

Googling, I can only find one wifi plug rated for 20A on Amazon. It looks small and cheap, and several of the reviews indicate that it can't handle more than 10A, despite the advertised claim. I wouldn't trust it.

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Dick has a good point.

I use this one for my Dual Boiler and it's been fine for 2 years:

https://www.amazon.ca/ULTRALINK-USHWP-U ... 077PYDBJ8/

I had the smaller one as well, it wouldn't turn the machine on:

https://www.amazon.ca/ULTRALINK-USHSWP- ... 07NPWR5BH/

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PIXIllate wrote:I use this one for my Dual Boiler and it's been fine for 2 years:

https://www.amazon.ca/ULTRALINK-USHWP-U ... 077PYDBJ8/
I couldn't find an amperage rating on the larger one.

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#9: Post by PIXIllate replying to Peppersass »

Neither could I but that one definitely can handle my Profitec 600.


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I use a Kasa plug for my La Spaziale Lucca. It's rated for 15amp and it works great.
I also connect it to my Google Home, so I just have to tell Google to "Turn on Lucca" or "Turn off Lucca." It's fun!

For La Spaziale machines, you'll need to also add this power retainer module: