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pizzaman383 wrote:I have been using Z-wave with a hubitat hub. There are plenty of Z-wave plugs of various types.
Another Hubitat user! :D

I use both Z-Wave and ZigBee power switches. Seems easier to find UL/CSA/etc.-certified items using these protocols, and at higher capacities (15-50 amps). Unfortunately, there are huge price increases compared to uncertified Wi-Fi stuff.
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The TP-Link Kasa series have certifications. Most of the older ones were 15 A and I ran an HX machine off one for many years. Some of the newer ones are only 10 A. It looks like the Kasa series also now has Apple HomeKit options (with 15 A rating and certification).


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It would depend on the switch layout for your machine, but something like a Switchbot would get around a wattage limit on a smart outlet. And I would go by the wattage limit for any smart outlet, as it may fry the outlet, harm your machine, or start a fire.