Trouble with steam pressure on Lelit Mara X

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#1: Post by matthewh133 »

Lately I've been having issues with the steam pressure on my Mara X. I've had it since early this year (V1) and pull two double shot lattes every morning (one for myself and the wife). For example, this morning when making my first latte the steam pressure drops to "1" on the gauge when steaming, then on the second latte, the pressure drops to "0.5", which is almost doing nothing. Any tips on how to fix this? I've never descaled, but I live in Washington State (good water) and also use filtered water. Checked the holes in the nozzle and they are clear.

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Is that different than normal? Are you allowing it time to recover after the first frothing?
Is it set to Brew Priority or Steam Priority, and have you recently changed this priority?
Do you think it might have a scale issue? Are you giving it good water?

matthewh133 (original poster)

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I never really paid attention when I first got it, but I started paying attention when I noticed the steam pressure strength seemed lacking. The second steaming isn't probably till 5 minutes after I finish steaming milk for the first latte, so I don't believe that would be the issue? It's set to "I", which is brew priority as far as I'm aware. Not change recently. Doubt it has a scale issue. I use a Brita filter pitcher to fill up the machine, and the machine also has a filter in the tank.

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I hope someone with a lot of Mara experience shares their opinion, but if it's set to Brew priority, that may not be abnormal. It's going to avoid heating the boiler much higher than boiling point once the brew circuit is at temp.

matthewh133 (original poster)

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So if I'm making lattes and only lattes, should I be having this in steam priority then? Or did I pick the wrong machine :?

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I believe (I'm no Lelit Expert) that that's the purpose of that machine. If you're making only milky drinks, then you'll want to have it set to keep the steam boiler at temp, despite the fact that it could allow the brew circuit to heat up. The change in flavour of the variable brew water might not be noticed in a milky drink.
But please, someone with Mara X experience, please jump in and relate your steaming times and pressure drop off. I only see these things when they need their leaks fixed. I don't use them to brew anything I am actually going to drink. In my opinion anything that has that size boiler is working fine if it steams for 90 seconds.


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I've got my Mara X set to 1 (low) on the temp and 1 on the brew preference. I make two double shots, then steam milk for a latte and cappa. The pressure generally stays between .8 and 1.5 so it works OK. But just OK, it's slow compared to the Silvia I came from. The quality of foam is good, it just takes a little longer to get there...