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NeoMatrix wrote:Lots of great info here...however for the avg. temperatures do you have standard deviations? I'm trying to get an idea of the true temperature profile (sans average). One could have temps dancing equally from 210 to 190, and still have an average of 200...
Average temperatures and standard deviations:

Shot 1: 200.24F +/- 0.14F
Shot 2: 200.14F +/- 0.23F
Shot 3: 199.99F +/- 0.29F
Shot 4: 199.67F +/- 0.26F

For purposes of computing the averages and std deviations, 16 data points were used, corresponding to shot temperature measurements each second, starting at the 10s mark and ending at the 25s mark.

BTW, the data plotted in the graphs are the true temperature profiles.