Tamper mats - useful or useless?

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Fr. John

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I've never used a tamper mat, not sure if I need one. With our SL70 I always have had 5 spare filter baskets, I fill, level and tamp directly in the baskets then put them in the PF as I need them (this speeds drinks along). Since the baskets are flat bottomed I've never seen the need for a tamper mat. However, as we are moving to a Vetrano, I won't be using multiple filter baskets as I assume knocking out a dry puck and refilling is about as fast as having prefilled filters baskets ready to go (I hope).

Just wondering what the consensus is, useful or useless?
Fr. John

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Team HB

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Very useful if you tamp on a wood counter top. I have a small and thin rubber puck I put on a tea towel I have folded into quarters. It keeps the bottom of the naked basket, or the double spouts from cutting or denting my work surface.

Other than that, I don't think there would be any improvement in the quality of the tamp.
Dave Stephens

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Fr. John (original poster)

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Well, I tamp on good ol' formica. I'm pretty sure that the formica is going to take a beating if I continually tamp on the double spouts. I suppose I don't have much choice but to use a mat.
Fr. John


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I tamp on a table top. The pad makes a major difference.

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Fr. John (original poster)

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Are you saying you do use a pad?
Fr. John

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Fr. John wrote:I'm pretty sure that the formica is going to take a beating if I continually tamp on the double spouts.
Not if you go bottomless. I don't like the spouts to touch anything including the countertop, even though it's tolerated in barista competition if followed by a wipe. So instead I'll lay a towel over the edge and tamp with the portafilter pressed against it. The LM spout is great for this usage:
HB wrote:From research notes from the Buyer's Guide to the Elektra A3...


Notice that I changed the portafilter spout to the squared-off La Marzocco open-style spout. The narrow distance between the spout ends allows it to easily catch the two streams in a single cup, plus as an the added bonus, the spout acts as a nice "ledge" for tamping on the countertop's edge. This avoids the possibility of picking up grinds and who-knows-what by tamping with the spouts directly on the countertop.
I have a rubber mat and it shows the dents of a lot of tamping before I switched to bottomless and countertop edge tamping.
Dan Kehn


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I use a bottomless PF and I still like to use a mat. I guess the biggest reason I like a mat is the quieting effect. No sound on the counter from the PF or tamper. (I also set my tamper on it between shots). I use a gasket on my knockbox for the same reason- it really makes a big difference in cutting down the rapping. All right, all right, maybe I'm just a little grouchy to all that banging noise first thing in the morning before a couple of double ristretto's... :lol: :wink:

I have some indentations in the mat from the PF, so I'd think it does protect the counter top and the milled bottomless PF edge to a degree. Downside is, the mat is one more thing to clean up.

I'd say for $7, why not give a mat a try. See what you think-

BTW, I got mine from the good guys at EPNW. Here: http://www.espressoparts.com/product/6030

Ken Fox

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I continue to use my mat after going bottomless; it's nice to confine the stray coffee grounds to one area and if you tamp on a mat most of them will end up on the mat. It also has a nice feel. While not necessary, the price is right so just buy one and if you don't like it, invent another use for it.
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I use a mat. I am tamping on a Formica surface as well. I believe that prolonged tamping directly on the Formica will unquestionably damage the counter and probably the Porta-Filter as well. The tips of the Porta-Filter leave indentations in the mat that stay. The forces on the small tips of the Porta-Filter are quiet strong. Most of the excess grounds ends up on the mat making clean up easier. I wash the mat after every use so it is easier to keep clean and sanitary. Of course, I don't really know if the mat is of a food safe material-it is the small mat from EspressoParts.
Bob Craige



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http://community.webshots.com/photo/406 ... 6244MLWjpJ

Um, look at that counter top.

You can see why I care less what goes under my bottomless portafilter when I tamp.

Oh - this is an old pic, my Mafac sits where Rocky used to.