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I have a ecm synchronika that is 1 month old. In my search for why I have uneven extraction with light roast coffees I began to look at the water flow. I use the ims shower screen and I noticed that with flow control almost turned closed for pre infusion, the water dispenses only from the sides of the shower screen. Only when I fully open the flow control the whole shower screen start raining and evenly dispense water to the puck.

The next step was to look at the spout breaker. There I see that the water is trickling out from 3 small points around the spout breaker and from the middle. It is also completely stuck when I try to loosen it. Have already scraped it a bit with the screwdriver, so have ordered a new one and will go out to buy a bigger screwdriver tomorrow to see if I can get it out. To me it seems logical that it should sit a little looser so there is room for the water to be distributed more evenly, or am I completely on the ground?

Would have been great if someone had something a video of what your machine looks like below the shower screen or if anyone knows what it's really supposed to be like. Have seen a video on youtube by WLL that they recommend that it should be completely screwed back on, but not tight. See the video from 6:30 to 10:00. They say that it can get really stuck with coffee oils building up, and he damaged it in a similar way to what I did, but my machine is brand new, so should be so tight?

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Ridiculous video :evil:
Gotta drain a machine to clean a group. IDIOTIC!
Sure way to damage a machine putting wrench on a foot long screwdriver!

The water spreader is a standard e61.
Water flow without a puck is a fools errand. It means NADA ZIP ZILCH.

Ensure that the face of the group is level in both LR & FB without the water spreader and then fuhgeddaboudit

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So what you say is that how the water is coming out from the spreader is irrelevant to how the water is coming out from the shower screen? I havent found any forums where there has been a discussion about group spout breaker, maybe thats why

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Off centered water dispersion covered it back in aught ait :wink:

Maggiekw (original poster)

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Thank you for the link! Thats what I been searching for.