Suddenly seeing drop in grind output on Breville Barista Pro

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New here! I've had a my Barista Pro for a few weeks now and more or less had it dialed in, at least for a couple of roasts. Week 4 and I'm now seeing a drop in grind output, irrespective of the type of bean or grind size. 18g going in only gives me ~15g out. I end up having to let the grinder run again for 3-4 seconds to get me closer to 18g. I've inspected the hopper, cleaned it out and the chute. Is this a normal part of the break-in process with this machine? I'm starting to wonder how important grind time setting even is if you're weighing what goes in, all the beans have been ground, and you're weighing the output. What I've had to do is adjust my grind time from 13.5s to 17s just to ensure I end up with the same output weight. Should I not worry and simply recalibrate grind time to 17s? Would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this, otherwise love the machine! Thanks.

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I don't have the machine but had used the breville smart grinder pro which I think is essentially the same thing. Given the small burrs what I found sometimes to be the culprit is not enough beans in hopper to create a downward force to push the beans down and keep them there. Also as the beans age again I'd imagine because of the burrs they change how they grind and over the course of a bean you may need to adjust how much is needed. Not scientific just my observation from experience. I've now got an upgraded grinder where this has a significantly small impact if any at all.

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Thanks for weighing in! You may well be right. I've found most people recommend weighing the beans so you drop in just the right dose, though I could expiriment with simply filling the hopper and seeing what sort of output I get based on the same grind time. Yes, the Barista Pro uses the same grinder. I found a post on Reddit r/espresso titled "Grinder issue on Breville Barista Pro" which is same issue.

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It's a great beginner grinder and lasted me 4 years but the inconsistency and some issues you're seeing eventually got the best of my pocketbook so I upgraded. Regardless even if you weigh the beans on that machine it will be very difficult to get every last bit out. I don't single dose although with my minimal daily use that would probably be best and fill the hopper to keep it heavy but not full.