Stock basket size for Rocket Appartamento

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Hi. I am trying to find out the size of single and double stock basket. I tried to find the information in the manual, online and on the basket itself without success. Does anyone know? And in the future, where can I find this information? Thanks.

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It depends on the coffee and grind. Standard single was 7g and double was 14.

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Thank Ian. Would be good to have some marks on the stock baskets.


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If you're trying to see how much you can safely fit in there, you can dose it up, tamp it, then put a nickel on top of the puck. Lock the PF in the grouphead, then remove it without pulling a shot. See if the nickel made an impression in the puck. How deep is it? If slight, it's OK, it just means that it made a little contact with the shower screen. If deep, dose less. I suppose you should do this without the nickel to start, and see if the shower screen is making contact with the puck. If so, dose less.

Start with 14g for a double, but I bet you can get up to 18g or so, depending on bean and grind. There's not necessarily any right or wrong, or need to max out how much you can get in the basket. Finally, I'd skip the single dose basket altogether unless you really want tiny shots. Singles are more finicky to get right, and most of us want a bigger shot than that.

If you haven't seen this already, shoot to have your espresso weigh 2x of your grounds. So, if you have 14g going in, your coffee should weigh ~28g, and you should get that in about 30seconds. If you can get that going, you can tweak from there.


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sebastijan wrote:Thank Ian. Would be good to have some marks on the stock baskets.
Basket 'dose' is whatever fits to make the best shot. Some coffees are best with no headspace and the expanded puck tight up against it. OTOH, this can be challenging as the puck extracts.

I prefer a short shower screen to allow maximum brew space. The nickel trick on a deep shower screen forces one to grind finer instead of upping the dose. See Screen-O-Rama or Why [E61] Dose Advice is Highly Suspect

In the UK, a £1 coin works if you want to try it.

Bottom line: Whatever works is the correct dose.
AND: Dose increments are 0.1g ±0.05g

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Thanks guys. Your answers were very helpful!