Stock 54mm Breville Baskets Vs. Crema Coffee Products Basket

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Has anyone compared pulling shots with the stock (single wall) double shot Breville basket vs. Crema's replacement Breville basket?

It's listed as a replacement for the Breville basket but when I fill both baskets with water, the Crema drains much faster than the Breville. Does this mean that I should grind finer if using the Crema? And would you therefore recommend using it over the stock Breville basket?

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You'll have to dial in each basket. How they behave with water isn't something I've heard of providing a reasonable indication of grind level. Your own opinions are probably more valuable than any you would find on the web.

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I found the Crema basket needed a different grind than the stock Breville basket; I had to grind a touch finer with the Crema and the beans I was using. Their basket is made for them, i.e., it's not "just" a Breville basket. I think the Crema basket is a bit better quality.