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A word to the tubing. This is perfectly safe, as it is PTFE, which is the same material as in your coated pans.

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Pressino wrote:Besides the sensor JR mentioned, I was looking in particular at the brass fitting that is threaded right into the top of the boiler there in the middle. So it looks like at least some brass is exposed to boiler water without there being a need for the boiler to explode. :D

BTW, I'm not a brassophobe...see my post above.
That's just a lock-nut. The threaded fitting is still stainless...
There are, of course, NTC sensors in stainless fittings, so it's cute that that machine has the brass one.

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adey wrote:Thank you for replying JRising,
Do you know examples of machines made all out of/with stainless steel?
Well, you could put a stainless body NTC sensor into that Schaerer Coffee Art (the one in the picture) and then I wouldn't be able to find any possibility of consumable water touching brass.

Edit: After discovering that the NTC is in stainless on the wet side, I believe most if not all Schaerer Coffee Art machines are entirely stainless.

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I should have known. It is stainless, after all. I had to look, it just makes no sense to put brass into an all stainless system.