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JJAnon wrote:Thank you George. Where does your discharge tube connect to?
Straight to a pet bottle. I am glad that your problem was solved. :D

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JJAnon wrote:Thanks both. The drain line into the wall runs to a sink that's 4 feet to the right. Again, it's gently sloping downwards all the way.

Just emptied a cup (American cup) of water and it took 24 seconds to drain. Definitely lower flow than yours, John.

I'll disconnect the drain line to the wall and see if it's clear. I just reused the previous line from my prior machine, but didn't clean it out then.

But after the after-lunch coffee :)
You need to remove any restrictions in the drain line. In your photo it looks like the line connects to a fitting where it runs through the wall. Is the ID of that fitting the same as the drain hose? Ideally you would run one length of hose from the machine to the actual sink drain connection with no fittings in between. The reinforced drain line tubing I'm using has a 5/8" id. I like the reinforced clear line as you can see any smooge buildup that might occur.

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I know this will seem silly, but find another piece of hose that you can fit snuggly into the drain hole in the drain an and blow until it's completely free. Next put a blank basket in the machine and backflush. If that made a difference, the water is pooling in the how to the sink.

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Sorry for the lack of responses, everyone. Had a last minute trip come up so I'll pick this up when I'm back in 2 weeks.

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I would disconnect the drain from the wall and put it temporarily in a 1 gallon milkjug or similar and look from there. If the problem dissolve you will have to do some plumbing :cry:

For a good flow the drain should have access to some atmospheric pressure so that there is no build up op contrapped air.