Some newbie questions for Silvia Pro X

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#1: Post by dannydan »

Just got my Silvia Pro X and still trying to figure out a few things.

1. I noticed that there's an indentation from the group head on the wet puck after extraction. Don't know if it's an issue per se, but was just curious how it's occuring since if I simply put in the portafilter and remove it (without extracting) then I don't see any marks on the dry puck.

2. How tight should the portafilter be put on? Do I want it at 90 degrees with the machine? Or stop once I feel some resistance?

3. The steam wand is definitely more powerful than what I'm used to. With the 4 hole steam tip, it seems that frothing milk using the "pitcher tilt" to create a swirl doesn't quite work...
I'm really struggling getting any decent microfoam with it. Any tips would be appreciated.


#2: Post by BodieZoffa »

1. That's quite normal as the puck will swell a bit once wet and pulled upward a bit after the extraction due to the 3-way at work...

2. Don't buy in to the 90 degree thing as once it's firmly in place that's all it needs...

3. Can't really offer much on the steaming as even though I've had my Pro model going on 2 yrs I've textured milk only once and found it quite good... FWIW I do heat the steam boiler and flush it every few weeks just to be sure all remains 100% internally and bought the Pro model just in case I ever needed that 2nd boiler.

After having a V1 that I modified and used heavily for quite a few yrs I do find the Pro model to be even better. The temp control during the extraction, recovery, decreased/drastically improved flow rate compared to the V1 makes for a very capable machine overall. Not to mention the top notch build quality for longevity/durability.