Smallest E61 HX Machine?

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Hi ,

I am thinking about upgrading from a Rancilio Silvia to an E61 machine but size is the biggest problem. The E61 machines are all very deep and I don't really have the room. Is there a smaller E61 HX machine that I am not aware of? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I think the NS Oscars have a fairly small footprint and are pour over HX machines

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Oscar is listed as 12" wide and 15-3/4" deep. It doesn't get much smaller than that. I bought La Valentina in part because my alloted space is only 22" wide including room for the grinder (here are La Valentina's dimensions). It's tight, but workable and doesn't look too badly shoehorned because the sloping sides narrow to 9" at the top.
Dan Kehn

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The Elektra Semiautomatica is 12 inches in diameter, but 22 inches tall. It has the smallest footprint of any HX machine I know of.
Jim Schulman

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The Quick Mill Alexia is a single boiler E61 that can be gotten with a PID and measures in at 9"w17"d and 15 ¼ high. While deeper than the La Valentina it is about as skinny as you can get for a 'standard box' E61. The Semi pulls darn good shots and looks like a million dollars.
Dave Stephens

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The ECM Cellini Premium, the Pasquini Livia and the Salvatore are also fairly compact heat-exchanger machines.


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DaveC wrote:I think the NS Oscars have a fairly small footprint and are pour over HX machines
The Oscar is, indeed, a HX machine, but I do not believe that it is an e61, nor, IIRC, does it use a thermosyphon. Isn't the HX accomplished by a mass in direct contact with the boiler? In that regard, the Bezzera BZ02 is also a non-imposing, non-E61 HX machine, with the additional feature of a hot water tap, which the Oscar lacks, and, perhaps, better prospects for the internal electronics holding up over time.



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I'm also looking for a small HX machine...

So far the Pulser looks like the smallest one - Its footprint is 16.5 inches deep, but only 9.5 wide.


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I don't know if you can find any around any more, but the Euro2000 Junior was pretty small at about 10" x 16"


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If non-E61 is an option, I think the winner would have to be the Olympia Maximatic ( ... 0097850833). Only 12 inches high with a footprint about the size of an 8.5-by-11 sheet of paper.