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#11: Post by cannonfodder »

That little maximatic went cheap. New, they are several thousand ($3,500 to be exact)!
Dave Stephens

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#12: Post by cannonfodder »

There are two questions here. The OP asked for the smallest E61 group machine, not all of them are HX. The one I pointed out is an E61, single boiler, not HX. Keep that in mind when looking.
Dave Stephens

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#13: Post by DaveC »

The only thing I would say is, not to get too hung up about an E61 group, as long as it's got the e61 style "bottom", then all the compatibility issues go away and in some respects the E61 doesn't always work so great on HX machines, often these partial E61 groups can work just as well or better!

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#14: Post by espressme »

? What makes an E-61? The group is not bolted to the Boiler but tube fed. I believe the maxi is the same. My old 55 mm Salvatore is an HX with a 3way solenoid on the water inlet. What differentiates that type of machine from the E-61?
richard penney LMWDP #090,

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#15: Post by HB »

Split follow on discussion to What makes it an E61 group?
Dan Kehn

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#16: Post by mogogear »

Not really "available" all the time...

but a Pasquini Livietta / Olympia Maximatic is a really small footprint HX . I no longer have mine and can't seem to find the exterior dimensions. I assume it would not really be a consideration since they ( old ones) are only found here and there on Ebay and new ones are back-ordered at Olympia currently - selling for about $3,200... but they do a very nice job and deliver a very nice shot.
greg moore

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