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I can confirm the water level sensor is working as after I ground it to the body the filling stops.

I have so far drained the steam tank and the water level does not appear to be rising despite the pump running.

I'm beginning to suspect a solenoid issue: does anyone know with the power OFF I assume it's CLOSED to the steam tank?


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Yes, the solenoid is normally closed. You can cut the problem I half (drive electronics or the solenoid itself) if you have a meter to check the voltage to the solenoid when it is supposed to open. It should be 24v DC when on (open)


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The problem was indeed with the solenoid, removed it gave it a couple of knocks/cleaned the seals and whateverz. Water filled right back up.

Will probably have to replace it when I do a rebuild of major parts soon.

Thanks @urkurt


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Glad you got to the bottom of it!

I'm new to these forums so I'll just say hi real quick. My Single Group is a few months old to me now (it's a gear pump model). The coffee tastes great and is very consistent, and I look forward to pulling shots every morning.

When I got it, I tore the machine down to descale the boilers and replace every seal I could find when I got it, and found it straightforward to understand and work on. Parts were easy to find between Slayer and crossing against other machines.

Oh straightforward to work on except for adjusting the OPV after the machine is back together, that is challenging. I'd like to know what magic tool Slayer use that could turn this thing, because I failed at it that way, and to adjust it I ended up unbolting it and fishing out washers and bolts and tools for fishing washers and bolts from the drainbox.


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I had mine since 2015/16, was thinking of changing to something "newer" like a GS3 or what not but honestly it runs pretty well still besides a few issues e.g. stuck hot water valve/pin, this solenoid problem, LCD dying on me, magnetic switches for the brew lever spoiling, pressure transducer failing twice

I probably have to do a full teardown like yourself to just lube and tighten up everything. Been doing only smaller repairs as above but not a full do-over.

You're right the OPV was a pain to take out, the new teflon one works much better but occasionally is a bit noisy, need to move it around a bit so less hissing.

Bean Counter (original poster)

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That's good to hear. I wish their customer services reps would actually respond in a reasonable time frame to queries. Been trying to get customisation options but nothing for over two weeks now. I may well look elsewhere. I'm not asking for moon rock side panels!


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Thats unfortunate to hear...they are usually quite speedy!