Slayer single group - initialization error

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#1: Post by Cwliew »

I have had my slayer for just over a year. I'm concerned with 2 things. The main one is that it's stopped working.

1. 2 days ago my machine turned on but failed to initialise. It showed some gobbldygook. I turned it off and turned it back on ans it worked. Now it's stopped working and won't show the progress bars when trying to initialise. It just cycles through the startup phase with no progress.

2. For a long time my steam wand set at 1.6 pressure and when steaming milk it seems to be slower than it should be with the pressure dropping to 1.3. Unsure if it's an issue. But it didn't happen with my gs3

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#2: Post by drgary »

This is a component question about a specific high end machine. There probably aren't many if any forum members who have had this glitch. Have you asked Slayer?

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#3: Post by Bmccall »

It may be worth trying a hard reset to fix issue #1 ... to-factory

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#4: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Did you ever get this resolved? Did you try the hard reset?
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