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justie wrote:Hi guys,
1. Pump upgraded from gear pump to rotary vane pump
This is interesting because the inclusion of a gear pump over a regular rotary has long promoted as an advantage of the machine.

Yes there was an issue, but wasn't that limited to a so-called "bad batch"?

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I replaced the pump on Prima's Slayer twice, years apart. My impression was that there was perhaps a bad batch at the start but the replacements were not a complete fix to the problem.

I can also confirm the switch to a rotary pump. It was announced to resellers earlier this year and it's supposedly a newer low-profile rotary pump from Fluid-o-Tech. I don't know if it's outboarded or not.

Exciting to hear about the screen as well! The ghosting was a problem on the singles as well as the Steams and I hope they've decided to swap them all for a different display.


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My display is starting to show ghosting issues but not enough for me to spend $600 for a replacement!