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From the image here, it appears the hot water is fed from the lower right of the boiler, so raise the left side as viewed from the group

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Anyone know what side of the machine to raise on a Rocket Giotto Evo?
Lift the right side as you are facing the machine. This will allow boiler overfill which will cover the normal water line.

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One of you says left and the other says right. :/ Is it lift right to overfill and lift left to drain?

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Sorry, I thought you were referring to overfilling to descale (which is what I meant by 'overfilling the boiler.' If you are emptying the boiler through the hot water tap, it is by lifting the left side. So cafeIke is right and I'm left (field). Cheers.

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Here is a pic of your machine:

Pic (unmodified) is courtesy of Sweet Maria's.

You would lift the right side of the machine to overfill the boiler.

HOWEVER, Perhaps (?) a better way to do this operation on the Rocket machines is to remove the vacuum breaker valve and syphon out the existing water with hardware store tubing.

Now fill the boiler within 1/2" of full with a FULLY DISSOLVED citric acid solution using a small funnel and an "easy pour" container. Pour some of this in a small glass and soak the vacuum breaker valve.

Turn the machine on for 5 minutes and feel the boiler surface. Warm is good; hot is not necessary. Let it soak for an hour - maybe give the machine another 5 minutes of "on time" at the 30 minute mark.

After an hour, syphon the solution out, refill, and syphon out once more. Fill the boiler manually with 1/2 litre of water, rinse the vacuum breaker valve, reinstall, and fire her up. Autofill will adjust the level to the correct value.

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I use the siphon method and it works great. But if you have the breaker valve out and turn the machine on, in less than 5 minutes there'll be some citric acid solution sputtering out. Just a small thing to keep in mind if you use this method and choose to turn the machine on at the 30 minute mark, as suggested above. Oh, I also siphon the clean water back in--I find it easier than using a funnel because none of my funnels allows the air trying to get out of the boiler to escape, so the water gets pushed back out.