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Listen I know you dont want to use a scale, but.. you're not going to achieve any sort of accuracy at all without using one.

Then youi might counter with, "Yeah but, pro baristi don't use scales when I go in an order a drink"

You're right, they dont. Two possible scenarios:

A-They use a doserless timed grinder, which is continually checked for dosing accuracy throughout a shift, using a scale

B-They use a doser'd grinder, and have become very proficient in dosing accurately without a scale. Because they practiced with a scale, and likely weren't allowed to make coffee without supervision until they could be repeatable without a scale. And, they likely check themselves periodically throughout a shift to verify accuracy... with a scale

You dont have to use a scale all the time. But you DO need to use one to start with, to train yourself to do it properly. If you wish, you can eventually put the scale away, and pull it out now and then to check for accuracy.


Very simple method for weighing dose, and how I currently do it:

-Using a scale capable of holding an entire portafilter..
-Put the portafilter with basket, empty, on the scale and tare it out
-Grind your dose into the portafilter to where you think its correct
-Put the PF on the scale. Using a Demi Spoon if too much, or grinding more if not enough, adjust the dose.

I used to weigh out the dose and single dose the grinder, bump and brush, reweigh the basket to check, yada yada yada.. The method I just outlined, adds almost no extra steps. Its just the same as if you were to grind/level/tamp, except you put the PF on a scale for a moment before you level and tamp. I have really sped up the amount of time it takes me to prep a shot, and I have retained the extreme accuracy I crave.