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Just a chime in here. If you use styrofoam sheets in the box, Please put them into plastic bags! the white Styro and peanuts can and will shred into every corner of the machine being shipped.
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Best practice is to drain it as mentioned with compressed air and all, then crate it, and strap it to a pallet. Then ship by truck. Avoid UPS package service.

jasonmolinari wrote:So the original Isomac Tea box is smaller than the duetto box, so the outer box that the duetto was shipped in, which i was going to re-use, is quite a bit too big.
Since there is no way i'm going to find a properly sized outer box (need 23x18x24), i'm going to fill the space between the boxes with Styrofoam boards...

whats the best place to buy these? Any ideas?