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#1: Post by JonF »

I thought it might be fun to see your espresso machine history. I'm not as much of an enthusiast as many of you, but still can remember the sequence . . . This covers about a 25 year time span.

1. Krups. Steam pressure to brew. Not the best result . . .
2. A home Gaggia. Can't remember the exact model, but quite a step up.
3. Spidem. Remember them? They were one of the first with a pressurized portafilter. Not bad, but ran too cool and I did not know how to adjust.
4. Riviera Baby Lusso lever. Beautiful. But I did not know how to adjust to get decent espresso temp--ran way to hot.
4.5: So for a while I used the Spidem for espresso and Riviera for steam. My first dual-boiler!
5. Livia 90: My first high-end machine. A huge step up for me. I still have it handy for backup.
6. LaSpaziale Vivaldi 2. This one is great. My first plumbed machine, and it would be hard to go back. Line-level pre-infusion too. Great steaming.

Next: Either keep the Vivaldi for a while or order a DE1 Pro. I have looked at a lot of options, and this just fits my approach, space and budget.

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#2: Post by Jake_G replying to JonF »

Mine is outlined in the first few chapters of My long and rambling path to preinfusion/pressure profiling, but a quick recap goes something like this.

•Mr. Coffee steam powered monstrosity
•Capresso Cafe (stupid-impressive customer service)
•Saeco Estro Vaporé with bored out "Grand Crema" portafilter
•Saeco Estro Profi side by side
•Multiple Starbucks Barista machines. Like way too many.
•Breville Cafe Roma
•Protéo Barista
•Francis! Francis! X5 times 2
•Rancilio Silvia for a couple weeks
•Rancilio S20 Midi CD which is my current flow-profiling rig.


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#3: Post by rdenotter »

A Krupps (1995)
A Saeco automatic that lasted a week and died (1998)
A wonderful Nuevo Simonelli MAC 5 that still runs, but has been donated to my church coffee bar (1998 - 2018)
A QM Vetrano 2B that I absolutely love (2018 - ?)


#4: Post by shanewiebeftr »

In 2007 my girlfriend(now wife) bought a Breville Cafe Roma. I thought she was crazy for spending $200 on a coffee maker. We used that with preground charbucks and I was hooked.

In 2015 we found a Starbucks sirena on Kijiji for $40 and we used that with a $50 black and decker grinder. Had decent results with the pressurized portafilter but struggled once I depressurized it.

In late 2017, we bought a Baratza sette to pair with the sirena but the machine died two days after the sette showed up so in early 2018 we picked up a Pro 500 pid and I recently upgraded the grinder to an Eureka Zenith with TI burrs.
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#5: Post by Bret »

Lists span 2005 to present day

Espresso Machines:
  • "Starbucks branded Saeco -- funky style, pressurized baskets, liked it but didn't know anything about espresso. Used the ESE pods for a while, occasionally tried fresh ground coffee
    Breville BDB 900
    Breville BDB 920A
    Breville BDB 920 lastest version
    Next: fully variable profiling mod to BDB 920
Adding Grinder sequence:
  • electric spice blade grinder
    Delongi Retro Burr Grinder (liked it, bought for friends/family, each failed in almost exactly 3 months)
    Cuisinart grinder (sounded like a jet engine, wrapped it in a thick kitchen towel to preserve hearing, and still had to back away to the opposite corner of the room)
    Breville Smart Grinder (much quieter than Cuisinart, but still noisy)
    Beville Smart Grinder Pro (MUCH quieter)
    Monolith Flat (January 2018 model) Super quiet, game changer in espresso quality


#6: Post by LasFumas »

Since 2009 or so...

Krups steam
Gaggia New Baby
Bezzera BZ02
Linea Mini

Grinder history:
Krups whirly
Cunill Tranquilo
Mazzer Major

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#7: Post by AssafL »

Gaggia Classic (220v) - 10 years or so.
Mr. Coffee (110v). Impressed by cost (30$ or so). Unfortunately price was its only forte. Lasted a few weeks until I succumbed to getting a "real" machine.
Gaggia Baby (110v) - 5 years.
Expobar - 6 months. LM firesale shortened the expobar's tenure.
GS/3 (stock, then extended line level PI, then full profiling) - 10 years or so.
Cafelat Robot for travel. Replaces an aero press I never did like much.
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#8: Post by ben8jam »

Mocha Pot
Mr Coffee pressurized PF
Ascaso Duo Pro
Rancilio Silvia
Profitec Pro 700
La Marzocco Linea Mini

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#9: Post by dsblv »

Since 2007:
  • Saeco Aroma - 1 yr
  • Rancilio Silvia - 4 yr
  • Rocket Evoluzione - 6 yr.
  • La Marzocco Linea Mini - 1 yr.


#10: Post by knumph »

Gaggia Classic and porlex hand grinder (2011)
Refurbished Quickmill Anita and mazzer SJ (2013)
Just grabbed a Londinium R for Christmas 2018
Thinking of grinder upgrade next