Screws and seals for Breville double boiler solenoid valve

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So I managed to source a whole new collar assembly for my BDB to replace the old one with the stripped solenoid mounting screws. But I have only 1 useable original screw so need to source some new ones. I am not sure what the spec is but maybe they are proprietary? See photo below. Where might I find some of these? See photo.

Also, my old BDB came with the square silicone gasket to seat the solenoid valve to the collar. But that gasket is ruined. I believe the newer BDBs have a different way to make this seal. I got a new solenoid and it came with a couple of O-rings that fit into the countersunk ports, but I am not sure that these alone will enable it to seal. Are there some other parts that I need? See photos.