Scale like flakes coming out of brand new espresso machine?

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#1: Post by Panguins »

Bought a brand new Breville Barista Express.
Was flushing the machine, running water through steamer, hot water spout and group head until I emptied the entire water tank.
I noticed fine white flakes in the cup I was using and figured out they were coming from the steamer wand. After about 5 rounds I saw them showing, and they seemed to have dissipated now after a few more flushes. But, what is it, could it be scale even if it's a brand new machine? Unsure if this is normal or a problem with the machine we bought.

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Most likely they are packing materials. Usually, scale doesn't first show up as flakes in the the cup, since it sticks to the metal surfaces; machines mostly clog and break down long before bits of scale break off.
Jim Schulman