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K7 wrote:In that case, how does it rise in your experience? 2C? 3C? 5C? Just trying to understand how much deviation one can expect from these machines.
Roughly, I'd say it's parabolic. I don't recall if I ever bothered to measure it. e61 group temperature is sort of repeatable. When dialing in, I start @ 103°C boiler temp. For each subsequent shot that I feel needs a temperature change, I adjust the boiler ±1°C. The DB could be set to °F, which would halve the change, but I've always run it in °C. My HX allows 0.1° increments and I might tweak ±0.5°F. There's so much more water in the DB boiler than the HX that direct comparisons are difficult. In nearly 15 years, I've not been able to make a preference determination across all coffees.
boren wrote:How problematic is it in practice in a machine like the Alexia Evo? I never had any issues descaling my previous espresso machines (using Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler).
After 15+ years of at least annual descales, my machines should be toast. IIRC, the chrome on the mushroom was funky before the first descale... but it's been a very long time. I've only used Citric Acid, never any commercial product.

My retired M.O. is to leave the blank basket in the machine with water in it, so starting from there
  1. measure coffee, Huff & Puff the grinder, load grinder
  2. remove PF and replace blank with basket
  3. grind into basket
  4. level & WDT if nec.
  5. flush ≈3s
  6. brew
  7. knock out puck
  8. replace basket with blank
  9. PF wiggle
  10. enjoy the java :D
since a few years after Sink That First Shot back in aught nine.

For repeat shots, I often measure out all the coffee first, recharge the grinder after a basket rinse and wipe and restart @ 3.
_Ryan_ wrote:I've accepted with an e61 this will end up being +/- 2deg with consecutive shots.
That's way too much. I get less than 0.5°C rise for each consecutive back to back espresso, less if making lattes from the DB. A bit more on the HX, especially if I gab while prepping.
boren wrote:I flush for 4 seconds before each shot and for a second or two after each shot.
That cause thermosyphon stall on my HX. If I post flush, always 3+ seconds.