Sanremo You - Single Group Espresso Machine

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San Remo seems to have thrown their hat into the ring for the high end single group home machine. The design is very similar to the Cafe Racer. It will be available in 110-120v and 220v with a water tank. It has a manual paddle to pressure/flow profile real time and pre-programmable and standardized profiles. Grouphead doubles as a display to manipulate settings. It certainly looks like it'll be close to the Dalla Corte Mina in functionality and price.

They also released a 98mm dual hopper, automated dose by weight grinder called the X-One. Both products have brochures for more details.


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Wow. Bit more interesting than the Cube.

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Very cool. Thank you for posting this.
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Yes indeed, thanks for posting...hoping it's priced more like the LMLM. Then...I might be all in on this baby! 8)
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another GS3 killer ?

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That's a small brew boiler, but larger than the La Marzocco Linea Mini's; the steam boiler is much smaller. Not sure what to make of the Sanremo's brochure saying "Instant freshly heated water for higher quality infusions." That sounds like a heat exchanger. The dimensions are fairly cabinet friendly (394mm = 15.5").

From brochure (PDF)
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It's a DB based on your uploaded doc, and appears to be what the Eagle 1 Prima should've been in terms of functionality. Looks like a winner in terms of looks too - now, is it priced like the Prima, or the Dalla Corte Mina?


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I am a big fan of Sanremo's Racer design. If it was only made for my needs I would be the first in line to buy it. I look forward to the day when I'll see Racer single group but only with espresso mode. No steaming, no hot water...

And "You" is a big step forward after Cube. Cube looks like they didn't know what to do.
And my wish is the same, I wish they would make "You" but only with espresso mode. Am I the only one looking something like that, or there are others that want the same? I don't steam milk, I don't need hot water...

But...I would love to blow my money on something beautiful like these two but with espresso function alone.

I've read on another forum, someone mentioned, that price could be around 7000 Euros? I don't know if that's true.



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Had a peek at the machine today in Milan and it really looks and feels very nice and solid. Also had them make a coffee for me with it :)

You can get it with or without a water tank, and with / without manual pressure / flow control. The profile you do is recorded and can be replayed, or you can do push-button brew with any profile (didn't dig too deep here.. was running around the expo all day). They had some quite nice finishing options too, including leather side panels.

Here are a couple of photos attached.

Price quoted to me on location was 5500€, but that was a very rough quote. I do have a contact though if anyone wants me to ask more details. Also have the usual flyers and other material they had there.



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HB wrote:Not sure what to make of the Sanremo's brochure saying "Instant freshly heated water for higher quality infusions." That sounds like a heat exchanger.
I was told no heat exchanger nor mixing hot and cold water like Decent (and Lapera?). Just a small brew boiler close to the grouphead. But that was the barista talking so might as well be not true :)