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How noisy is the You? I realize noise is subjective but curious as to how loud the machine is? I may have missed it but does the You allow temperature profiling? Thanks!


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It's fairly quiet. The pump is a gear pump, so it's a difference kind of sound overall and it's louder than a rotary because of the whir it makes.

No temp profiling.


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The pump is a rotary pump. I've seen product brochures that state gear pump but that is either a typo or a translation error. Here is a link to the FOT product information page on the pump used inside my machine (I verified the pump model): ... ga-series/


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dockoelboto wrote:How noisy is the You? I realize noise is subjective but curious as to how loud the machine is? I may have missed it but does the You allow temperature profiling? Thanks!
The CPU fan shipped until the last month or so are noisy and the firmware prior to v1.41 would run the fan relentlessly with no real correlation to the load on the machine. For me, the fan noise was terrible and removed it until I get the new fan installed. The new fan has been updated to operate at a lower voltage so it spins much slower and is also now mounted using rubber bushings so the fan noise according to users that installed them are wisper quiet. Other than that the machine is quiet. Since all the elements are controlled by solid state relays, all the heating is silent. The pump does make different noises as the speed changes, but that is because the load on the pump varies but it isn't anything like a vibe pump.

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Latest review of you.


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sandc wrote:Does anybody know if the profile recording feature (paddle) records pressure setpoints, so that recalling a profile will lead to the same pressure curve, regardless of filter size, grind, coffee etc.? Or does it record something else (e.g. pump power), so that recorded profiles will only work well if filter, grind etc. stay the same?
The paddle movement adjusts pressure during the extraction and once the extraction is done you have the option to save the extraction profile under a reserved area for paddle profiles. Since the paddle is pressure, when you run that profile again in the future it will maintain the exact pressure along the extraction. In the saved menu of profiles, you can adjust the volume amounts for the saved paddle - however it only allows you to reduce the volume amount, increasing the volume of a saved paddle profile is not currently possible.

You can create a custom profile that isn't a paddle and set preinfusion time and pressure, extraction volume, and post infusion time and pressure.

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Here's another walk through/review:

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That closeup image of in the cup reminded me of something. :lol:


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> paddle movement adjusts pressure

Sure. But maybe not directly? For example, the paddle could change the speed of the pump (rather than changing the pressure setpoint and letting a pressure control loop find the required pump speed). This would still control the pressure, but not so that moving the paddle by x% would change the pressure by x%. It would not be a pressure control loop with feedback, but a speed control loop - which is easier to implement, but less useful because reproducing a speed profile does not guarantee that the original pressure profile will be reproduced. Why am I getting such an idea without having seen this machine live? Because I've been told that it doesn't allow the user to digitally enter meaningful pressure profiles, i.e. a curve of [bar] setpoints. It only allows the user to enter three constant pressure levels, like a winner's podium. This means that popular pressure profiles (lever style with ramps) cannot be entered. It makes no sense, IMHO, to restrict the input in such a drastic way if a machine has a powerful pressure control loop that could achieve anything. It would make more sense if a machine did not have a (good) pressure control loop and had to rely on speed profiles to offer complex profiles. A simple test would be to record a complex paddle shot with a double filter and play it back with a single filter. If a pressure control loop is handling things, it should produce the same pressure curve in both cases.

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Curious what the YOU owners think...this board seems a bit quieter as compared to others.

I am 95% certain this is what I am going to go with for my next machine. I have ruled out the LM GS3 simply because I fear they have something more modern coming in the very near future and I am placing a premium with my next machine to be at or near the top in terms of technical capabilities. I would have instant buyers remorse if that happened, even though having a La Marzocco is literally a dream.

The Synesso ES.1 was also at the top, but it's at an even higher price point than the YOU and I feel that I'd be a very early adopter there. Although, I think Synesso has a stellar reputation and I think it's a foregone conclusion their foray into the home market is going to be wildly successful. I am not horribly impressed with the style of the ES.1, but I also certainly do not dislike it.

The Decent...well...I fear my obsessive-compulsive personality and obsessiveness with numbers and data will come out with that machine and I'll end up incredibly frustrated and distracted. I fear I won't even enjoy the espressos I make. I am impressed with the community they are building. However, I feel like the Decent is similar to an Android and that's just not for me. I totally get how it is for some people.

The YOU seems to be exactly what I want in my next machine. The technology and data is all there, but you can go manual when you want to. There is a strong track record of improvements already in terms of firmware updates, and videos/reviews that demonstrate to me that Sanremo is doing everything they can to make the YOU successful in this now crowded space. And while the design of the machine is polarizing I think to some, I happen to really like it.

I am certain all of these machines are capable of insanely good coffee, but would love to hear from some YOU owners to sway my opinion into this camp!