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The new firmware is officially out. Version 1.39/1.37.

You can find it on this page of you scroll down.

Please read the attached PDFs carefully and perform a save of the profiles to USB stick. The firmware update will overwrite your profiles, but if saved before you can re-install them.

A lot of usability updates. App and WiFi are enabled.

A good demonstration of what can be done by firmware updates to a digitally controlled machine like the YOU. More to come, so stay tuned.


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Thanks :wink: @cremachris !!


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corffee_beanz wrote:Out of curiosity - does the steaming power compare?
The You is less powerful but I got perfect latte art micro foam every time unlike the GS3. I personally do run the Gou at 1.8 bar and it can go up to 2 bars.


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New to the forum and I own a YOU. I did the software update and everything seems to work fine except in the turn on process. Now when I wake up the YOU in the morning, the first thing it does running a lot of water from the group and then stops. But not before using like 1/4 of the tank water (more or less.) I looked at the alarms log and is showing the followingalarm "First load exhaust ". Is this normal or it's a parameter that needs to be adjusted. Any ideas? If it is, I could not find it on the menu. By the way, I love this machine is an incredible piece of technology that let's you make great espresso shots.


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This has been reported on the FB thread and it is normal. Its clearing the air in the pipes, fill tanks etc When you turn off the machine when its warmed up then this won't happen next morning but it might if you turn off your machine once its in standby mode or cooled down. You can stop the flow with the paddle. Treat it as a purge before making a shot.


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This is a new "feature" in 1.39 that will be changed in version 1.40. The intent of the flush is to fill the boilers post service / post draining and if the boiler just needs a simple top off when you power it up it does this new purge. I understand the intent but it is annoying and I'm looking forward to 1.40. It flushes for 35 seconds when using the local reservoir.


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Thanks for all that information. I thought it was a bug in the new software update. But like Scott2s mentioned it's a little annoying. I still love this machine is amazing how good it is. Thanks


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It's amazing, really enjoy using the machine. It's fun! With a little more time the software will get refined and the company is really responsive to making improvements.


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Reading the pdf technical bulletin that came with the download, I have a question about what is mentioned on page 9 about the cooling fan management. In the paragraph it was mentioned that a resistor will be added to reduce the rpm produced right now and making it less noisy. Do anyone knows if the current owners will get this update or if this is for future machines been built?


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I've not heard anything. FWIW, the updated fan algorithm is far better. It's on for a short burst and then quiet.