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They actually call it a SR61 group. A different design with a heating cartridge for thermal stability so the temperature at the boiler is almost the same as the temperature at the group. It still has a 3 way solenoid valve and all the E61 accessories still fit. I don't feel scammed at all, in fact I'm absolutely delighted with what this machine can do. Some of the best coffees I've had and I've owned a Rocket Giotto, Decent and VBM Domobar. I really couldn't care less how it works. Some over the top reactions here!!

Capuchin Monk

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barri wrote:Some over the top reactions here!!
Somehow E61 receives certain stigma these days. Must be the age thing... :?


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barri wrote:They actually call it a SR61 group.
Yeah, this was discussed often. I don't see it as a concern. Warm up time is excellent. Great features that will improve with software updates and quality build. No regrets so far.


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Hi Guys,

about the pictures from the Brewgroup regarding the SANREMO YOU Machine.
YES, this is true. Where I know this. :)
its easy to explain, I send the pictures to Sanremo direct and ask the question about. Before I believe roumors :))
And here is the Mail from SANREMO Service direct. Word for Word

I hope so we have cleared up some things, for us.

Dear Playxam,

Yes, the phots you saw on the net correspond to the truth.

In YOU coffee machine, we use the same technology used in the past inside our multi-boiler VERONA RS coffee machine.
We have inside the machine two boilers, one for the coffee and one for service (water and steam), both controlled by the CPU
The coffee boiler temperature it's controlled by the CPU, and after the boiler we use a SR61 group with inside a heating element, the group heating element it's also controlled with a temperature probe by the CPU.

In this way we have the same coffee performance from our VERONA RS.

We do not use only the Sanremo SR61 group.

Hope it's clear.

Best regards.

Service department

Sanremo Service Dpt <>


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I actually got a GS3 MP before my Sanremo You, and I can tell you that I get better tasting shot on the YOU than on the GS3.
The grouphead SR61 is a e61 modified with a heating element in it. On the machine you can even choose the temperature of the brew water and the group head if you want to.

It is not a concern at all for me, and to be honest, maybe I got lucky here, but first shot on the You was actually better than what I was getting on the GS3 with the same coffee.

This machine, the You, is all about electronic control, flow, pressure and volume, and trust me, it is years ahead of the GS3.

If you hesitate to buy one, just go for it, you will not regret it.


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Beta Firmware First Impressions
I had the pleasure to receive a beta FW of the coming FW release.
Here is the list of the new functionalities and adjustments in the current beta FW 1.36/1.37. This is not final and changes are being made until release.

1. FW update
- FW update process via USB is easy and straight forward (about 2-3 minutes)
- The previous settings will be lost (should no longer be the case in the future)
- The USB stick must be FAT32 formatted - two 32 GB sticks were a bit bitchy for me. It then worked with an 8GB stick, which I completely emptied
- Future updates will be possible via OTA. In fact one issue I found in the WiFi login process between machine and app during my beta testing was fixed and installed OTA within 12 hours after I raised the issue.

2. WiFi and app
- WiFi is enabled. The connection to home router and to the Sanremo Cloud works stably
- App is just being completed with the more extensive YOU configurability. However, it is currently running with the basic functions. Especially cool: you can also simply call it up from the home network via the IP address of the machine using a normal browser
- Access via the cloud without being logged into the home WLAN works perfectly
- When registering in the cloud, you also receive the API key of the machine

3. UI improvements
- The waiting time after the end of the extraction of approx. 5 seconds can be saved by pressing the home button. The machine immediately jumps to the home screen
- Paddle profiles can be renamed
- There is a new button on the homepage for saving the last paddle extraction. So you can save the last extraction as a paddle profile even after a long time, not just for 5 seconds via the star.
- Widened the responsive zone between program keys 1-3 and the P and M keys, making it less likely to accidentally select M/P instead of program keys and vice versa
- A second home page has been introduced summarizing the selected profile and the parameters of the last extraction. From there you can also display the graphs for flow and pressure. Extraction time and flow of this extraction are also displayed on these graph pages
- the duration of the purge via the P button has been extended to 4 seconds
- You can change the brewing temperature directly on the homepage by tapping it (no need to go into the settings menu anymore)
- If you are in the selection list for the programmed custom profiles, you can jump directly to the programming page by tapping on the profile
- The maximum pressure for paddle operation is configurable (up to max. 12 bar, or limited to a lower value)
- Readability improvements for some parameters during referencing
- When setting Line vs. Tank, the line pressure is now displayed in bar
- In the SYSTEM INFO menu there is a QR code that leads to a page currently under construction with video tutorials, documents and future firmwares

4. Fan control
- The controls have been improved
- They are working on a redesign so that the fan generally runs at a lower speed
- There will also be an adjustment of the fan mount from screw connection to rubber plug (can be retrofitted)
- The Sunon V4 fan is supported - you can also upgrade to this in case you have the V3 version and it will run more silent. The fan costs around €5-10 if anyone wants to consider that.

To avoid the questions: Blooming is not yet implemented in this firmware. But it will be in the next release (already allowed to see the UI design). The Flow Mode is being thought about intensively - I discuss with SR product dev on this.

All in all: I'm really excited. All updates make sense and significantly improve the usability of the machine. The app and the Wifi connectivity are already very stable, smaller fixes (also from beta test feedback) may be incorporated into the app until the release. I don't know the exact release date, but I don't see it too far off.

The product and development team of UI and app is very responsive and open to new ideas. In particular, I try to bring in community thoughts and connections to other open source coffee projects to expand the functionality.

I think we will have a lot of fun with the machine! This is exactly how a modern machine should look and be supported.


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That really is an impressive list of updates. San Remo is really listening to its customers.
Can't wait


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I just got our You delivered to Hawaii a couple of days ago and have been enjoying working with it so far, in comparison to my Decent DE1 I'm amazed by how even the extractions are with the same puck prep.

One thing I'm confused by is I keep getting an alarm that says Ring Boiler Heating, any idea what that is?

The group head is often not hot to the touch and the temp of the espresso seems lower than I would expect, but extraction percentages are high and the shots taste very good so I'm not sure if that's normal.


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BaristaBoy E61 wrote:If it turns out to be an E61 group that is approaching the price of a LaMarzocco GS3 - I wouldn't be feeling too good!

Think I'll avoid all these concerns, and stick with my $15 ViaVeneza. Think I'll go make a shot right now


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I picked up a YOU last month, and have no disappointments. I first saw this at the SCA show in Boston last year, and was waiting to get one since. I've owned a GS3 in the past, and appreciate the innovation on this YOU. Looking forward to the new firmware updates and what the app will offer.