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#291: Post by Jake_G »

jpmomo wrote:tried to ping the guy on this forum that makes the nice wooden portafilter handles but haven't heard back.
Did you send him an email?
LMWDP #704


#292: Post by HomeBarrister »

That is what I was told via email. They said they were "considering" but didn't confirm. As to why I won't do a repair instead of a new machine - I don't feel comfortable when the machine is out of warranty that I will be able to get repairs or assistance directly from SR. I just get the feeling that after the initial warranty period, ECS would say they are unable to assist as I am outside the warranty period and they no longer offer that model.

Need to determine a replacement machine. Was thinking Micra but wait time is long and less functionality. Then though Decent but that pump noise...


#293: Post by heytchap replying to HomeBarrister »

I'd imagine they have had enough grief from US sales to make them want to drop :D

I have emailed them a TON.

Oh well. I'm not worried about support. ECS has been responsive and, absolute worst case, I bought it on my Amex.


#294: Post by Happymonday »

I wonder if this is less about what ECS wants and more about what they can get from Sanremo. I imagine the non-EU retailers are not too pleased with EU retailers selling 110v YOUs for 40% less. Could it be that Sanremo is being pressured to cut off the 110v supply in EU?

The price jump outside of the EU still irks me.


#295: Post by MC3dropout »

Is anyone aware of a way to connect to the You through the Sanremoconnector app without the QR code that comes in the paperwork. I can't find my paper that had it and I don't see a QR code on the machine.


#296: Post by heytchap replying to MC3dropout »

QR code on the back of the drip tray


#297: Post by MC3dropout »

There does not appear to be anything on my drip tray.


#298: Post by heytchap »

It's on the back of the frame where the drip tray connects.


#299: Post by MC3dropout »

Still nothing. Do you have a picture of where it's placed on yours?


#300: Post by Peter_SVK »

baldheadracing wrote:Volumetrics can give consistent results in café's - where you use the same dose and pull the same shots (brew ratio) all day long - and probably have one coffee per grinder.
Tony163 wrote:yes exactly! but for a home context where coffee type is being changed around frequently much less useful IMO.... at least for this level machine... maybe different for a Decent... I don't know...
Based on my long term experience with DC Studio, volumetrics is quite consistent regardless of coffee, preinfusion length and flow profile, albeit requires the same basket, dose and brew ratio, obviously.