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Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery?

#271: Post by jpmomo »

I have had mine for about a month. previous machine was/is victoria arduino theresia.

I like the pressure control, fan doesn't bother me that much but I am thinking that a noctua replacement fan might help!

It took a little while to sort out the drip tray (taking out, cleaning and then replacing each time.)

Mine is a 220v as was the VA.

Just got the weber unifilter and am amused by all of the comments. the VA came with 2 $400 titanium and leather portafilters (one of which I had a mechanic make a bottomless filter out of!) That was no small feat to slice into titanium!

The YOU actually fits a bit easier into my workspace compared to the VA.

I do not have either plumbed and the YOU seems to be easier to keep the reservoir filled.

steam pressure is more than enough and makes for very good frothing.

Just got the unifilter and am having fun trying to tune that gadget!

using the macap m7d grinder with the dynamometric tamper (funky built-in tamper that works relatively well!)

trying to get some custom wood panels to contrast the white exterior just for looks!

tried to ping the guy on this forum that makes the nice wooden portafilter handles but haven't heard back.

Let me know if someone wants me to try something specific.

purchased from ecs without issue.


#272: Post by HomeBarrister »

How big is the tamper? I bought myself a Bravo (58.5mm). Will that work with the standard baskets provided by SR? How do you like the pressure profiling? How fast does it respond to the changes to input? Do you have any videos of your workload?

Edit: I saw some discussion of the fan on the German forum. Sounds like people aren't having luck replacing it or are hesitant to replace while under warranty. Haven't went on the German forum in a while now though so not sure if someone solved it.


#273: Post by heytchap »

Still interested in peoples brew and group temps.


#274: Post by Tony163 »

Hi - I am also using my You with UniFilter and the lack of space for a wider cup is perhaps my most significant gripe with the machine.... I did purchase a couple of glass cups that work ok but it's non-trivial when using one of these new raindrop type baskets on the You to get a vessel to fit that will catch all of the drops. Wondering how you have handled.

I would also be very interested in some custom side panels made of some type of wood veneer. Should be very easy to accomplish though I haven't opened the machine yet to try and remove and measure the existing side panels. Have you? Would then have some matching handles made for the 3 levers.



#275: Post by barri »

There hasn't been a post about this for a while which is probably good news. I'm very interested.
Are you guys still happy with this machine?


#276: Post by heytchap »

I really like mine.

I have a software issue where it occasionally doesn't wake from sleep but I suspect it'll be fixed soon. No big deal there, a quick power cycle sorts it out.

I still don't know where to keep my boiler and group temps. I keep changing them.

The coffee is consistent and good. I'm very happy with my purchase overall.


#277: Post by Tony163 »

Fyi - I discussed the seeming software bug with ECS and they were informed by SR that it is not a bug. Under European law, stand-by mode requires a complete shut off and so that's why this happens if and only if in standby mode. In other words, low power stand-by mode apparently isn't allowed under EU law. I no longer use standby for this reason. And it heats up so quickly, if I don't anticipate using the machine for a couple of hours or more I just do a "total shutoff" under the first menu.


#278: Post by heytchap »

It's not standby, the touchscreen just doesn't respond to touch input after long periods of being on. It's def a software bug.


#279: Post by Tony163 »

yes mine does the exact same thing, I created a video of the behavior which was sent to SR and the reply was that it is not a bug it is intended behavior. Just sharing what I've done.


#280: Post by heytchap »

That doesn't make sense because my levers for steam, scalding hot water, and the control for the group works 100% even with the screen frozen and unresponsive.

So I don't think that's the case at all.