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#261: Post by baldheadracing »

Tony163 wrote:Indeed, which means that the volumetrics (unless I'm missing something fairly drastic) are effectively useless and time should always be used as a shut off for an automatic shot and not in any way volume.
Volumetrics can give consistent results in café's - where you use the same dose and pull the same shots (brew ratio) all day long - and probably have one coffee per grinder.
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#262: Post by Tony163 »

yes exactly! but for a home context where coffee type is being changed around frequently much less useful IMO.... at least for this level machine... maybe different for a Decent... I don't know... I'm frankly surprised there isn't some type of bluetooth standard to connect scales and machines for these purposes.... would make pulling shots with different recipes so much more efficient... oh well...

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#263: Post by ira »

There have been connected machine and grinder pairs over the years in the very high end commercial offerings. I don't think anyone cared so the idea seems to have faded away. I think there is no condition under which that pair can taster the coffee, so it's at best guessing. Maybe it would work for Illy and it's ilk, but mostly not for the world we seem to inhabit.


#264: Post by heytchap »

What do y'all have your brew and group temperatures set to?


#265: Post by Tony163 »

I have boiler at 197.5 and group at 197.... Not sure if that makes sense or not


#266: Post by heytchap »

You pull shots that at temps that cool?


#267: Post by Happymonday »

Still waiting on my YOU, but I have my PID set at around 94c. That's probably what I'll be setting the YOU at.


#268: Post by heytchap »

You can individually set the groups temp as well though. Where will you set that temp?


#269: Post by Tony163 »

Yup, 197 and I'll raise it to maybe 200 to 202 for light roasts.... Yes, you can separately set the boiler and the group temp.....


#270: Post by HomeBarrister »

Still (im)patiently waiting for my replacement machine. No additional information from ECS on when additional 110v machines will be available. It looks like someone on the aussie forums recieved their machine on a pallet. The wait is brutal - if I could get a Micra within a week of ordering I would do it. I'm getting concerned about dealing with ECS and San Remo in Italy when problems arise.

Looking forward to more reviews and thoughts from the community as more machines are sent out. Keep em coming.