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Saw the video review as well. Wasn't that impressed. But I am debating over a decent or Bianca. I was looking for this you as it might be something in between


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I just found the following review.

To me, this looks like a very exciting machine. I think with the app and WiFi connection in the new year it could be even more interesting. I'm hoping more profiles can be managed on the app and moved/made active on the machine.


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I want to hear more experiences. Any owners care to chime in and share new feelings, discoveries, etc?

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Are you able to do a Scott Rao style "blooming" shot with the YOU like you can on the Decent? Curious if the expansion valve opens if you start the extraction with low pressure PI and then stop it to let the shot bloom and then resume the extraction?


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Manually the expansion value operates when you take it back to the stop. I can actually lower it to zero using the lever and it is still working and then take it to stop (slight tolerance) but sometimes I am getting a volumetric warning light come on afterwards. What would the program look like exactly ?


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mine arrived today.

I made a discord section within EAF under "pump machines" titled "Sanremo YOU & Cube"

link: ... 6789494894

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initial impression is that this is a much more difficult machine to use than a standard E61, at least in preset mode. Creating a profile is relatively easy, but I wish you could control overall time. I tried to use the paddle once, but then realized my coffee is crazy stale and stopped testing until I can get a fresher bag for better results.

Machine heat up was silly fast and unlike my Profitec Pro 600, doesnt burn the life out of you when you touch it. In fact, the machine never gets hotter than warm which is really nice.

The pump is lovely and silent, a nice change from the Pro 600's vibe pump. Ramp up and down is smooth and the machine never skips a beat - as you'd hope and expect from a machine in this price range.

The reservoir tank is quite small, which is a bit annoying, but it also ensures constant fresh water instead of stagnant and staling water - so I think this may be a net positive.

Steam power is nuts. I steamed 12oz jug in like 5s with 2bar pressure.

The machine is bigger than I'd expected and also much nicer in person.

The included package did not include a bottomless portafilter for some reason and the included baskets are... junk, to be kind. I'm not sure why SR would make a machine like this and then include ancient spouted filters and trash-tier baskets, but they did and I'm ??? about it.

Overall, I'm pleased so far and dont have any complaints.


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I have a You on order and I'm having it held due to holiday travel otherwise I'd have it. I have an R91 which is identical insofar as they have the exact same variable pump (same model) and potientiameter set up. I've had the R91 for 3 months now and I have not tried to use a preset once since I'm always switching between regular and decaf beans as well as rotating new beans in all the time. IMO the only time you can go to the presets is when the beans you are using are set and you are happy using the same bean over and over. This way you can dial in the recipe exactly as you want it and know what will happen. Short of that, my advice would be to just use the paddle and a scale to pull your shots and worry about setting and using profiles down the road. This should avoid a lot of frustration, IMO.


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Ps: I couldn't agree more about the garbage portafilters that SanRemo supplies with the machine. Apart from the crap quality the fact that they include only spouted and not bottomless portafilter really makes you wonder...


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Tony163 wrote:.
The R91 comment is interesting. I really thought about it for a minute. I'm pleased to learn that I'm not really missing out on anything.

I'm having fun exploring profiles and modifying them now but tomorrow I will play with the paddle and really give it a go with these fresh beans I just picked up.


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Just created an account to post in this thread. Received my YOU tonight from ECS. Haven't even turned it on yet but disappointed in what I received so far. The two screws that attached the drip tray to the base were broken (unable to use new screws to attach the drip tray base as the broken screws are still caught in the threads), various scratches, and the manual paddle is loose.

Obviously not a critique of the machine itself but bad luck on my end. Will most likely return and not reorder from ECS (and probably look for a different machine).