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#201: Post by Tony163 »

Anyone know is the Weber portafilter with the built in basket works on the you? I think it's called the unifilter...


#202: Post by heytchap »

The Weber site suggests it's compatible with E61, so the answer should be yes. Also note that Weber is said to be making baskets which would be compatible with most handles.

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#203: Post by baldheadracing »

Interesting review from the "Home Cafe by Charlie" YouTube channel. 11:16 long.
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#204: Post by heytchap »

Interesting video. It's weird to note "too much steam that can be turned down in the settings" as a negative but alright.


#205: Post by Tony163 »

I would say nonsensical more than interesting.... His principal gripe is that it took him several kilos to dial in his shots using the profiles. This challenge is intrinsic to any variable pressure machine. What a dope. He should learn through using the paddle first and then try and define some profiles from scratch.


#206: Post by heytchap replying to Tony163 »

I was trying to be polite :wink:


#207: Post by jpmomo »

Just wanted to update everyone that the normcore naked pf fits properly and works well.

Model E61 58mm fits a bunch of vendors including Sanremo.


#208: Post by heytchap replying to jpmomo »

I was turned off by E61 at first, but I think it will help keep things easy and consistent if there's a standard group with standard and easily-found accessories. Long live SR61!

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#209: Post by Capuchin Monk »

heytchap wrote:I was turned off by E61 at first,
E61 isn't so bad of design, is it?


#210: Post by heytchap replying to Capuchin Monk »

My initial thought was - "why can't SR do a fully saturated group like the Rocket R nine one?" But, after learning about the additional heating element and now also knowing that my existing accessories and components fit... it's not that bad, no.