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#181: Post by Idfixe »

I whole heartly recommend ECS, bought a espresso machine from them. I had trouble with it and they ended up sending me a new machine. Great service.


#182: Post by heytchap replying to Idfixe »

What happened with your original?


#183: Post by Happymonday »

Have any of you plumbed in your YOU? If so, how did that go?


#184: Post by Idfixe »

There was a hissing sound (probably steam that no local repair shop was able to fix). Got a brand new one.


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Was this on a Sanremo You or another machine?


#186: Post by Idfixe »

Another machine. Comment was on ECS in general, not the machine


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Does anyone have the Sanremo You machine yet?


#188: Post by Tony163 »

I ordered one today and should have it in about a week... and yes, they are out there now....


#189: Post by Neilt »

No the fittings that came with my machine were not correct and I am waiting for the replacement,

One thing I would say tricky with the machine is it's quite deep and if you have low counter clearance getting the tank out requires some skill. Also, poring the water in can be tricky if you have a large container. If you remove the tank you have to stand is against the wall or something, if you want to fill it from a bottle, as it has an angled bottom. You can work around it all, it's just not as easy as pulling the bottom out etc but they can be a pain as well.


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ordered last week and arrived on saturday!

white 220v

I previously ordered a victoria arduino theresia from ecs with the same great experience.

I have both now but will be looking to sell the victoria arduino as the wife doesn't quite understand why I would need another one!

still trying to dial in as I was in a good routine with the VA for several years and the YOU seems to require a different dose/grind.

The steam wand procedure was a bit tricky at first. I needed to hold the lever down for a few seconds so it wouldn't just do a purge.

time from cold to ready state was appox 4m30s. Not sure if the 220v is helping to speed this up.

I had gotten use to a bottomless portafilter with the VA and will be trying to find one for the YOU.

I haven't really noticed any of the fan noise that some folks were referencing. I did hear from my contact at ecs that asked their sanremo contact about the specific fan and they mentioned that there was a resister inline and the fan was the correct one.
They said that they would adjust when the fan would turn on with a fw update.

I am not sure if mine came with the parts for wifi but was told that machines built during oct and later would have the needed parts. We would then just need a fw update to activate.

Let me know if there is something that you would like for me to test.