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CaliEspressoLover wrote:Probably basing it on Espresso Coffee shop that has it listed for €4,800.00 which is roughly $4720 USD. Here we don't pay VAT, only shipping and duties.
That is really way cheaper than all the other shops. But there are two things to pay attention to: It is not in stock in contrast to other shops which sell it more expensive and somehow it is listed with "tax excluded", so you have to add ~20% to the price.


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The machine is not in stock anywhere in the US or Canada and the price listed of $10480CAD also did not include taxes. In BC I'd be looking at an additional 12%

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ECS should be carefully examined as to what warranty you're getting. It's one thing to buy a gray market, entry-level grinder. Quite another for an expensive machine, especially as shipping damage is not uncommon, even shipped on a pallet.


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Available for preorder from Voltage - $9000 USD


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The completely different market placement and relative pricing irks me. This is more than a GS3 in the US, yet in the EU the You is priced relatively close to the LMLM.


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Insane how much more it costs in the US.


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I never really understood this secretive pricing logic that is so common at least in Italy. Just state the price, per market / region if necessary. Sell straight to consumers if at all possible like Marzocco. The actual price, with the exception of the phantomatic Espresso Coffeeshop, is way more than what was told me at the Host Milan.


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For those wondering, I emailed ECS and they said they should have it in stock for order "in a couple weeks".


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As Jeff said, proceed with caution. If you order from ECS expect a substantial savings and probably a fast ship. As a recent buyer of two grinders, I can say: Don't expect a response from customer service if your machine has a problem, and don't expect you will be allowed to leave a critical review. Expect to use your substantial savings to pay for any needed repair stateside.

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Don't mean to keep pushing the thread away from the Sanremo, but I've had a great experience with ECS - I had a Eureka Mignon Specialita that was struggling in March 2020. They worked with Eureka to get me a new one and even paid for shipping of mine both ways. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a grinder from them again, but I'm not sure what the after-sales support looks like on a larger machine.
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