Sage/Breville Dual Boiler, cloudy water from hot water spigot

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Hello there

I have a Sage Dual Boiler and am finding that the water from the hot water 'tap' is cloudy. I tend to use this to top up an espresso and make a long black or Americano. I recently descaled the machine and did 2 x flushes as part of that process. Can anyone offer any advice on what could be going on here?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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If you let the water sit does it clear up? It very well could just be a lot of micro bubbles.


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I'm no expert on the descale routine (I avoid this on the BDB), but I would start by just flushing the water tap for a longer time. There is a lot of tubing.
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nosiesta (original poster)

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Righto, so now I feel stupid! I let it sit and it did indeed clear! Thanks for the help :)


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Great, I'd say as long as it clears and the water tastes fine it's good to use (and it's not clearing because particulates are settling on the bottom of the glass). There's quite a bit of turbulence created with that hot water spout so that combined with your water makeup can definitely create some bubbles.

nosiesta (original poster)

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I think we're all good. Thanks for the help.