Sage Barista Express pressure gauge

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#1: Post by kamuzu »

Hello, I recently bought a Sage barista express (B-stock model).

I manage to make good espresso, 18 in 36 out in about 25 seconds.
But the pressure gauge shoots all the way up (beyond the espresso range).
Should I care about this, since my coffee tastes good?

When the gauge is at the ''espresso range'' it brews way too fast...

I havent tried other beans yet but I will after i finished this bag.

I suspect the pressure gauge isnt correctly working, is there a way to check this?

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#2: Post by slipchuck »

That pressure gauge is only a guide and not meant to be accurate.
If you are getting good shots that's all that matters

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#3: Post by TangyWasabi »

Definitely go off taste and not the gauge. I've never managed a tasty shot within Brevilles "espresso range".


#4: Post by mycatsnameisbernie »

The best way to use the pressure gauge on the Barista Express is to cover it with masking tape so it doesn't distract you. Extraction time, and especially taste, are much better indications of proper extraction than the gauge.

The Barista Express has an over-pressure valve (OPV) which will limit shot pressure to the maximum recommended amount.


#5: Post by K7 »

The gauge is probably working okay. You just managed to pull a shot that you like at 14+ bar, which is not easy because it's difficult to avoid channeling and thus a harsh tasting shot at such high pressure. See this post for more info on Breville/Sage Barista Express and Infuser.